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and if you feel just like a tourist | in the city you were born

then it's time to go | and define your destination

13 May
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This journal is essentially abandoned now, I don't often post. You're welcome to friend to read old entries and the once-every-six-months update (why you'd do that is beyond me, but eh) and I'll friend back. I'm still on Twitter (@nahimana) and tumblr (eighteenninetyfive). :) Current fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Welcome to Nightvale

I am over 18.

begin at the beginning

hannah. university student. part time IT support worker. obsessive geek.

currently dabbles in Harry Potter, Sherlock BBC and Merlin fandoms.

art and fic found in the masterlist.

and go on till you come to the end

loves ;; harry potter, sherlock holmes (currently going through canon, mostly in bbc fandom), doctor who, torchwood, the simpsons, futurama, sarcasm, dylan moran, pretty lights, curtains, hat boxes, rain, dressing gowns, alice in wonderland, travel, coffee, sleep, writing, reading, art, polaroid photographs, severus snape, slash, magazines, pretty people, long words, geekdom, buttons, clocks, getting mail, trench coats, orange and poppyseed muffins, anthropology, photography, paper lanterns, baking, hello kitty, chandeliers, perfume, water

hates ;; homophobia, close-mindedness, arrogance, airports, saying goodbye, mirrors, boring lecturers, writer’s block, oysters, microsoft, group uni assignments

: then stop

text from alice's adventures in wonderland ♥ journal titles from 'you are a tourist' by death cab for cutie

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